Friday, 27 October 2017

Tina Turner reveals how she risked her life to flee her 'volatile' late husband Ike

She has been happily married to her husband Erwin Bach since 2013. 

But Tina Turner has dished all on her tumultuous and 'volatile' marriage to her first husband Ike - who passed away in 2007 - on The Jonathan Ross Show,

The iconic American songstress, 77, detailed the brave moment she risked her life and 'walked out without anything' after her relationship with 'insecure' Ike became too much - despite having 'no money' and 'no place to go.'

Tina began to discuss her turbulent marriage to Ike, with whom she found fame in the 1960’s .

Following their divorce in 1978 Tina recounted the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her first husband . Tina candidly confessed: '
I walked out without anything and had to make it on my own for my family and everyone so I just went back to work for myself.'

However, the decision wasn't an easy one, as she admitted:
'It was very difficult and dangerous because Ike was a violent person and at that point he was on drugs and very insecure.

'I had no money. I had no place to go. But I just took a chance, I said the way out is through the door and while he was on one of his sleeping times, I just left the hotel, went out the kitchen way and down to the freeway.'

Expanding on the risky moment, Tina revealed: 'I remember something, during that time, I didn’t measure the speed of a car and I was running across the freeway and this big truck was coming and it (beeped it’s horn) and it felt like it was over me and I thought, "Well I won’t try that again." But I had to cross that freeway to actually get to the hotel across from where we were working.'

The aftermath of her escape was also tense, as she admitted: 'He kept everything. He always said "When you leave, you leave like you came."'

Tina confessed that it had been a long road for her to finally bite the bullet and leave him.

'It was just time to not take any more. It was constantly abusive, other things going on, there was no control, there was no freedom, it was just the same this, same this and the violence. You just get fed up and you say, "Life is not worth living if I’m going to stay in this situation."

She explained what had compelled her to stay during the sixteen year marriage: '
I stayed there as long as I did because I was trying to help, I was trying to help him from the beginning when he told me about his life and how hard it was for him to get a career going and I promised him that I would never leave him and I actually stayed because of that promise.

Culled Mailonline

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