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110 Latest Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs [2018]

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Arabic Mehndi designs are different from Indian Mehndi. These are mostly detailed, have spaces, and sometimes resemble some architectural designs. Common designs include flowers and peacocks, which are very much known for its beauty and exquisiteness. Other designs include veils and swirls recurring in a geometrical template.

Traditional Arabic Mehndi designs are known for their intricate designs, but modern ones incorporate additional beautification materials, which include gems, stones, and sparkles.

Arabic Mehndi designs are inspired by the Indian mehndi. That’s the reason why you see some animals on most designs, which are prominent in Indian designs.

Henna is commonly used on the Arabic Mehndi because of its capability to provide a solid color which cannot be taken off easily.

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110 Latest Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

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