Thursday 28 December 2017

2 children go missing during Jumat service in Lagos

3-year old Muhaisin Awaz and Abdallah Abdulazeez, 6, have left their parents in despair after they reportedly disappeared during a Jumat service at Oniyanrin, in the Mile 12, Ketu area of Lagos State.According to Punch Metro, Abdulazeez’s mother had visited Muhaisin’s parents on Friday to inform them of her plans to travel to her hometown in Kano State.

During her visit to Muhaisin's parents home, the kids who were playing together ran out to pray when they heard the call to Islamic prayers but went missing during the payers.

According to Muhaisin’s sister, Sekiyat, the incident happened around 1.30pm on December 16, 2017.

She said, 
We are friends with Abdallah’s parents. We are from the same hometown in Kano State and live in the same Hausa community in Mile 12. Abdallah’s mother is pregnant and due for delivery. She came to inform us that she would be travelling to Kano to have her baby. She said she would be going on Sunday.

While the two children were playing, we heard the call to prayers. We have a mosque on the ground floor of our house. But during Jumat service, people pray on the street. So, we thought they had gone to join others for the prayers on the street. But after the prayers, we couldn’t find them.

Muhaisin's mom Ramotu, said the families had gone to different police stations in Lagos to report the case but their efforts were futile.

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