Sunday 31 December 2017

Bolu and Ladun Akin-Olugbade Celebrate 37th Wedding Anniversary

Where there is no love, there is no ardor. But where love exists, passion becomes a given and even the most wretched homestead becomes Eden.

There is love in the heart and home of Aare Bolu Akin Olugbade. The Rolls Royce loving socialite is extremely joyous at the moment; he is swaddled in the ecstasy of requited love, like a newborn cradling in his mother’s warmth. Bolu is very much in love with his wife. And he is never too shy to express his heartfelt adoration of his heartthrob. Last Wednesday, he celebrated his unflagging love for his wife of 37 years.

Predictably, friends and family celebrated the couple on the social media on that day. In the highest boughs of their love, the world rustles like branches of a giant oak with roots extending far into infinity; but unlike several other couples whose passion and affection have caved or extinguished in the raging inferno of mid-life crises or love-gone-sour, they put up a gallant and admirable defense against life and fate’s worst trials.

They contend with all the force of their lives and for one thing only, to fulfill their heartfelt dreams of actualising a never-ending story of insurmountable love, forged by them, according to their own laws.  (Thisday)

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