Sunday, 31 December 2017

IBB's Godson, Abe Ibraheem Celebrates 50

Abe Ibrahim is every inch a gracious champ. Like most champs, he makes a good first impression. As he clocks 50, his story pulsates a pleasurable lore of labour, perseverance, reinvention and accomplishment.
It projects the fate of a man immune to the proverbial fatal weakness of character oft derided by conservatives as carefree folk’s Achilles heel.
Abe personifies a classic success story of the man who grew to be titan under the heavy weight of daunting odds, along the torturous path to acclaim. Asides his manifest depth, he presents with zero haughtiness; he is at heart, very private and unpretentiously modest.
His towering humility excites cozy presumptions about his attitude which leads many of his acquaintances to believe that he is simply a great guy. His candid cadences, touch with just the faintest whiff of reticence, amplifying his graceful modesty and ability to navigate the tricky slopes of toil, acclaim and humane ethics – whether in the cutthroat world of commerce or social politics, Abe meanders the fiddly inclines with the grace of a saint. The Polo-loving dude is one of the closest men to General Ibrahim Babangida, and also runs Soveran Oil. He celebrated his 50th birthday on Christmas day.

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