Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Wenger has clearly run out of time at Arsenal

On Sunday during the final of the League Cup at Wembley, Arsene Wenger saw the board for extra minutes read three and asked the fourth official, Graham Scott, why it was just three minutes. Scott answered, “Why do you need more time?’
And that is the question many angry Arsenal fans will be asking their boss of 21 years right now. Is there a need for more time for him on the job?
Manchester City, even while not at their best cruised past Arsenal 3-0 to further underline the drop in quality on Arsenal’s part. Yes, Pep Guardiola has spent in 21 months what Wenger spent in 21 years but that does not begin to explain the deterioration that has happened to Arsenal.
Many more things are wrong! Most importantly, his methods and applications are now wrong for the club because he is so set in his ways to change from what used to work but have ceased working.
Wenger was a revolutionary when he arrived in England 21 years ago; but right now, he is at best a reactionary. If Wenger is taking time to think it through this morning whether continuing is worth it – the picture of the young Arsenal fan crying should help him come to a clear answer – it is time to go.
After 21 years of the job where Wenger supervised all aspects of the club, even the cutlery in use at the Emirates, it is time to draw the curtain while there are enough Arsenal fans in the house to holler or howl!
Wenger has always reiterated he will not resign – that he will honour his contract. Will he keep his word or honour the suffering Arsenal fans that once upon a time adored him?
In an interview last October, he mentioned that he was hungrier than ever before to win the EPL. “I was always hungry, but I’m more hungry than ever because the demands are higher, because I didn’t win the Premier League for a long time, and because I want to do that before you get me out of here!”
That cannot be true as it could mean an eternity to the sobbing Gunners, who last celebrated the EPL title in 2004.
Wenger started his management journey with Nancy in 1984 and after 34 years – the average lifespan for a professional footballer, ‘Le Professeur’ needs to take a break. Leonardo DiCaprio said, “Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” Wenger has shown he can’t change, which means the next level for Arsenal demands a different manager.
Wenger had replied the fourth assistant referee on Sunday that it was not his place to judge the time to be added but to do the required. That is what is also expected of Wenger by Arsenal fans – to judge himself and his reign right now and decide that it is indeed the right time to say good-bye, or as the French would say “Au Revoir” – goodbye until we meet again.

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