Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Why suspect wants to implicate me, by politician

A businessman, Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho) yesterday explained why a suspect, Adeola Williams, (aka Ade Lawyer) wanted to implicate him in some killings in Lagos.

Ade Lawyer was arrested with former Lagos State council of the National Union Road of Transport Workers (NURTW) chairman, Alhaji Rafiu Akanni Olohunwa for allegedly killing Ganiyu Ayinla, aide to NURTW Chairman in Idumota, Azeez Lawal (aka Kunle Poly).

Ade Lawyer claimed that Adeyemo was among those he worked for.

Adeyemo said the suspect was after him  because he assisted the police to arrest him (Ade Lawyer) and John Ibafo.

Adeyemo said when the police were searching for the killers of Ayinla, he “assisted” them in arresting one of the suspects, who he named as John Ibafo.
He said: “Kunle Poly, their main target, called me to assist the police in their arrest and he gave me their names and addresses in Ibadan.

“I brought Ibafo out for the police to arrest him. I also led the police to Ade Lawyer’s house at Elekun, but he escaped by scaling the fence. The move angered Ade Lawyer so much that he kept threatening me with text messages.

“He threatened me that if he was caught, he would implicate me. I ignored his threats and assisted the police in their investigations, which led to his arrest. When I got the information that he ran to Akure, I informed the police, thereby helping in his arrest.”

Adeyemo said he went with the Police Search Team that carried out the arrest.
He denied having any relationship with Ade Lawyer until a land dispute saga ensued between some “area boys” and his friend, Prince Kazeem Eletu-Odibo over the latter’s family land in Lagos.

He said: “It was the land dispute that brought us together. That’s all. I hadn’t met him before until the land dispute saga and he has never run an errand for me. I remember vividly that sometimes ago, I was at Apapa with my clearing agent, when I was called upon that some miscreants are disturbing my friend, Prince Eletu-Odibo on land boundary issues. I rushed to the place hoping that my presence would bring normalcy and Kazeem would leave there unharmed. Fortunately, the police were already at the disputed land before I got there.”

According to him, “a particular NURTW official came with some area boys to protect Prince Eletu-Odibo from being harmed by the other group, and Ade Lawyer came with them.

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