Friday, 2 February 2018

Young Boy Gets Finger Blown Off And Blinded In One Eye After His Phone Exploded While Charging

A young Chinese boy was recently found covered in blood after his mobile phone suddenly exploded while being charged at his home in China.
According to Daily Mail UK, apparently, the blast was so strong that 12-year-old Meng Jisu, who was reaching for the phone, had his right index finger ripped off right away and was left blinded in the right eye. 
Jisu, from southern China's Guangxi Province, had to be saved by a five-hour operation and is being treated in the hospital, according to Chinese media.
The incident took place in Du'an Yao Autonomous County, Hechi, Guangxi Province on January 31, reported China News.
The mobile phone in question is said to be a Hua Tang VT-V59, which is made in China.
It is understood that the blast blew off Jisu's right index finger right away. It also sent sharp pieces of plastic into his face, which damaged his right eyeball.  
X-ray pictures showed his palm and a number of other digits on his right hand were also left heavily wounded after the explosion.
The phone that exploded
Jisu's elder sister told Pear Video, a Chinese video platform, that she heard a loud bang and was shocked to see her brother covered in blood.
Jisu lost conscious at scene when the phone exploded. 
Lan Tianbing, the chief physician at the local People's Hospital, said the boy's 'shredded' index finger was not brought along with him. But he said it was not possible to reattach the finger.
The boy had to undergo five-hour surgery during which doctors removed plastic from his hand and face, reported Guangxi News.
The doctors also carried out skin graft on his right forearm, reattached the blood vessels of his thumb, middle finger and ring finger onto his right hand. 
The doctors estimated that a 98 per cent of Jisu's hand would regain full function in the future.
The boy's mother said the Hua Tang mobile phone was about two years old, and was handed down to her son after she bought himself a new smartphone.
Hua Tang mobile company has not responded in regarding to the incident.

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