Friday, 2 March 2018

Jealous Girlfriend Smashes Woman’s Head On A Sink For Trying To Snatch Her Boyfriend

A mother has shared horrific images of the head injuries she suffered after she was attacked in a pub toilet by a jealous girlfriend.

Anne-Marie Szwed had her head smashed off a sink five times by a woman in apparent revenge for attracting her boyfriend’s attention.

The mum-of-one needed a gaping wound in her scalp held together by paramedics as she was taken to hospital.

The attack, on Friday night at a pub in Coventry, left the bathroom covered in blood.

The sickening assault happened after the attacker watched her boyfriend look at Anne-Marie as she walked to the toilet at The Oak Inn in the city centre.

According to Metro UK, Anne-Marie Szwed believes she was attacked in revenge for apparently attracting her attacker’s boyfriend’s attention.

Anne-Marie shared images on her Facebook page of the blood-splattered bathroom and a close up of her head split open.The harmless woman who got more than she had bargained for expressed her displeaasure.

She wrote: ‘To the girl who thinks this is ok, shame on you. Just because your disgusting boyfriend watched me walk to the toilet I deserve to have my head smashed off the sink five times? ‘I don’t know you nor him, but this shows me what you’re made of and it disgusts me.’

She said: ‘It’s been a really shocking and life-altering time for me so I’m still trying to process it. It took two medics to hold my head together to stop the blood whilst they gave be anaesthetic and stitched me up.

‘Part of my previous job was to be a confidence coach, now I can’t leave the house. I can’t work and my mental health has suffered.’ Anne-Marie said around 20 police officers attended the scene along with an ambulance but no one was arrested

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