Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Water Vendor Loses Both Hands after Electrocution

How Man Lost Limbs To Electrocution 
When 27-year-old Bala Wasob woke up on that fateful day, the day started and progressed just like every other day.
Wasob is a water vendor who doubles as a laundry man is a resident of Phase 4 in Kubwa, Bwari area council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

He did not have the slightest inkling that by the end of the day, he would lose his hands, the ones that fetch him his daily bread.
Wasob had planned to travel to his hometown in Katsina State and in preparation for the trip, had decided to wash some of his clothes in the evening after the close of work.
He got home late that evening and at about 8pm, washed a few of his clothes and made to spread them on the line, oblivious of the fact that danger was lurking in the corner.
To make space for his clothes, Wasob used a metal rod to shift other clothes on the line and it was while he was doing this that the rod got in contact with a naked electric wire, electrocuting him instantly.
Narrating his ordeal on his hospital bed at the Kubwa General Hospital, Wasob said he became unconscious and when he regained consciousness at the hospital, his whole body was in pains as he had sustained severe burns on various parts of his body, especially on his two arms.
“My arms were in bad shape when I woke up in the hospital. I didn’t know there was a naked wire around there otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone close to the place,” he said.
A nurse at the hospital who spoke saying on the condition of anonymity explained that when Wasob was brought in, the injury on his hands was so severe that both hands had to be amputated below the elbow.
“The electrocution caused damage to his blood vessel walls and coagulative necrosis of tissues, affecting his arteries,” the nurse who spoke on the condition of anonymity explained.
“I thank God for my life. I am recovering gradually. But I am worried about how to continue with life. I need to offset my medical bills. I was told I could continue living normally with artificial arms but where is the money? I need help and I plead to well-meaning Nigerians to help me,’’ he cried.
The victim’s father, Adamu Wasob who was feeding his son when reporters visited said he had been at his son’s side since the accident occurred and they had been surviving through the mercy of family and friends as he was no longer able to continue with his hair barbering job.
“There is nothing I can do but to accept what life has dealt me. I am a barber and being with my son 24 hours a day, my work is stalled. We have been surviving through the goodwill of friends and others who pity our plight. It has not been easy for us these past weeks. I thank God that he is recovering but his life will never be the same again.
“As you can see, I am the one feeding him. It has not been easy for him and for us his family,’’ he lamented.
The father of 36 children from four wives who explained that  Bala is one of his sons from his first wife said the news of the incident and eventual amputation of both of his arms broke his heart.
“I don’t know how we are going to cope with all these. Seeing my son in this condition makes me sad. He has always been a hard working person and does all the things he does with his hands. Now, I don’t know how he is going to cope. It is really giving me cause for concern,’’ he added.
“I was told that with artificial arms, Bala will be able to do certain things but I know it will cost money which I can’t afford and that is why I am pleading with all well-meaning Nigerians to come to our aid so that life will be easier for my  son,’’ he emphasised.

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