Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Graphic Photos: Chinese dog thieves savagely beaten for drugging and stealing pets FOR FOOD

Caught: The two dog-thieves were caught in action by a pet-owner in a village in southern China who called out to his neighbors who attacked the men

Two Chinese men caught stealing dogs to sell to restaurants were savagely beaten by a vigilante mob after they stole four pets while in a southern village.

The two men are accused of several pet dog thefts in and around Guilin City in southern China's Guangxi Autonomous Region, which they would sell as meat to cafes and eateries.
However, when the pair was caught red-handed by one angry villager, it did not take long before a large crowd were attacking them with bricks and bats, beating them bloody.

Dog's dinner: The men were known in the area for drugging and stealing pet dogs and selling them on to restaurants

Revenge: One angry villager attacks the two thieves' car in Sanjiang Village, Guangxi

Witnesses: A large crowd gathered to see justice served by the hands of the people in the small Chinese village

Rule of the mob: The crowd was so angry they refused to hand over the men to the police, but kept beating them in the street

Evil acts: The two men were dragged out of the car by the angry mob, and found to have several drugged and dead dogs in their vehicle

The men: The thieves, pictured with the dogs they had drugged and were planning on selling on, were not released until their families turned up and paid off the owners of the kidnapped dogs

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