Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Man Wakes Up From Coma Speaking 5 Languages, BUT doesn't remember his name


The mystery man, who was found in Norway in a snowdrift, can't remember who he is after waking up from coma, still he can speak 5 languages.

John Smith (as he calls himself, because he doesn't remember his real name) was tested positive to a bunch of drugs when discovered, and his hands were all in cuts. He spent 3 days in coma.

Speaking later with journalists he said:

"The cuts were deep and it took several months before the wounds healed. It was quite obvious that my hands had been tied together. I was paralyzed and could not speak. But the doctor said it was different drugs in the system. I'm desperate, scared and want nothing more than to get out of this situation. I think I'm Czech, it is the language I understand best."

The amnesia victim understands Check, Slovak, Polish, Russian and English, and speaks with a heavy Russian accent.

Police are trying to establish identity of the victim, however the conducted investigations and even releasing his picture to Interpol have not yielded any results.

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