Monday, 5 May 2014

Iyanya Humiliated By Yvonne Okoro

Iyanya Humiliated By Yvonne Okoro

It is an eye for eye, it doesn’t matter if this law doesn’t hold any longer but Iyanya the playboy has been dealt with ‘literally’ by Yvonne Okoro at the last concluded Ghana Music Awards, he couldn’t escape the venom from the cobra that he had stepped on when he played with the heart of Yvonne Nelson years back.

Yvonne Okoro have heard this story and decided to stay clear from him, until this award when Iyanya was asked to perform on stage, all those beautiful lyrics didn’t move Yvonne when Iyanya had asked her out for a dance.

A dance and Yvonne refused, but Iyanya is not a man to give up easily, he tried again and when she refused, he had gone to meet her where she sat and she had no option than follow him to the dance floor.Bad guy!!!

The next time Iyanya sees Yvonne Okoro during a performance, he shouldn’t bother asking her for a dance or … Nothing would happen but he may end up getting the boot again, it may be a public embarrassment, the ladies must have planned to run when they hear the name ‘Iyanya’.

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