Saturday, 25 October 2014

Father Who Impregnated His 22 Year Old Daughter In Trouble

Father Who Sleeps With His 22 Year Old Daughter In Trouble

A bricklayer, Mr. Ismaila Ladoja, a native of Oyo State has been accused of sleeping with his 22-year-old daughter, Ife, who is now pregnant but he is denying it.

A neighbour said about his daughter, ife;
“We noticed over the last few months that Ife’s tummy was growing bigger. We knew something was wrong but one day, we noticed that she was bleeding,” a neighbour who only spoke with our correspondent on condition of anonymity, said.

“He beats his wife regularly. The woman dare not talk. In fact, when she was asked about it, she flatly denied the allegations.
“Everybody in the compound knew what was going on. So, the girl was kept indoors for about a week. We noticed that she fainted a few times when she was kept at home. So, they rushed her to the hospital.

“We asked the man where he took the girl to but he said she had been taken to a hospital because she was ill but would not disclose where. How can we report to the police when we have not been able to catch him on top of his daughter?”

“Sometimes, he would send his other children out of the house, and when we ask the children why, they tell us that their father is inside with their elder sister and had asked them to go play outside,” one of the tenants said.

But the wife of Ladoja denies it
“We suffer so much and my husband labours day and night to put food on the table. We have seven children and have been using a one-room apartment since we got married 22 years ago. So, what do we have that anybody would envy to the extent of cooking up such allegation?

“It is a total lie that she fainted or was bleeding. She only had malaria which became really serious and we had to take her to someone who treated her.”

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