Saturday, 25 October 2014

Husband Snatcher And Married Woman Fight Dirty On Instagram

Husband Snatcher And Married Woman Fight Dirty On Instagram

A wanna be saint who is accused of snatching women's husband decided to come out and confess but this went terribly wrong because one of the ladies she took her husband hit her so much.

The husband snatcher writes “For the past 1- 2 years, I have faced excessive cyber bullying over the internet, I don’t know why I have been picked on, I just know I m definitely not the worst. I have been accused of everything wrong in this world, but these cyber mofos have no evidence of me being caught in the act…This has been going on for far too long, as a matter of fact I have lost people who meant the world to me because of these rumours.

“I congratulate myself for being a better woman than most of these critics. The more I am hated, the more God surprises me with blessings.

“I am not a saint!! I am not the most righteous , am not holier than thou, yes I have a past where I was being a young girl and exhibiting what 80% young girls do but that is not the person I am right now, and I don’t think I didn’t things so bad to make the world cast me away.

“I am not writing this to beg you to stop spitting me

The wife of one of her victims hit her “Accused, how can you say we lie when we know it is true, don’t you sleep with men for money, are you not at your best with back on a bed? Youthful exuberance, my foot,you are almost 27. How long ago was it that you slept with my husband , except you grew up up between the start of the year and now

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