Friday, 17 October 2014

Prostitutes Tattooed By Pimps To Make Them Their Personal Properties

Prostitutes Tattooed By Pimps To Make Them Personal Properties

There is nothing we wouldn’t see in this life, some women have been caught with tattoos on their bodies to make them the property of men. These women are prostitutes who are branded with the monikers of gang leaders as a reward for their 'good service'

This act is seen from a gang of Polish pimps who have decided to tattoo the bodies of these ladies and the good news is that they have been arrested. They were 21 men who were involved in this crime.

Eight women were victims of these permanent skin ink arrested in a brothel in Gdansk, a city in north-eastern Poland.
One of the women have this on her body: "I love my Lord and Master, property of Leszek" scrawled down the length of her leg.

Three brothers Leszek Baranowski, Pawel and Olek, along with 21 other men who have been arrested had pimped 70 girls and earned over £1million off them over the course of four years.

Prosecutor spokesman Mariusz Marciniak confirmed: "Many of the women they were using were forced into the business but at the moment we don't have any evidence that those that were tattooed were forced to undergo the procedure under duress."

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