Friday, 17 October 2014

Wife Exposes Husband Snatcher With Private Pictures

Wife Exposes Husband Snatcher  With Private Pictures

A drama unfolded between a wife and a husband snatcher on Instagram, it was said that the girl involved is called Emmanuella aka Ema. She was an acclaimed model in Calabar and had a quick wedding to a man who just returned from the UK and later the marriage collapsed because it was alleged finances were too low to keep it afloat. 

Now to our story, she later met Chucks who is a married man who owns a prestigious hotel with a very popular bar in Maitama. The man got Emma a G-wagon on her birthday and spoils her with all the newest designer bags and shoes which she shows off on instagram at any given opportunity. 

“ He also bought her a brand new Toyota Camry and he currently paid for her to do her masters in Birmingham .They fly first class everywhere around the world and are even presently on their way to Los Angeles from London and then back to Nigeria next week Tuesday. 

Chuck’s wife has allegedly sent several people to beg Emma to stay off Chucks but all begging fell on deaf ears. And she decided to expose them on her Instagram page.

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