Saturday, 28 March 2015

Soldiers Surround Ex Gombe State Governor, Senator Danjuma Goje's House

Soldiers have surrounded the Kashere, Gombe home of former Gombe State governor, Senator Danjuma Goje, in an alleged bid to effect “orders from above” to arrest him.

Goje, who spoke to some Senate correspondents in a phone chat from the sieged house said he could not understand why they were after him when there was no incidence of violence or any related matter.

Describing the scenario, he said an armoured tank was stationed in front of his house with seven other hilux vehicles, while his front door has been brought down by the soldiers who were restrained by his security personnel from doing further damage.

“As I speak with you, there’s an armoured tank in front of my house led by one Commander Eze. It has been there since four o’ clock,” he said.

Going further, he added, “They have broken the front door of my house and they are only being withheld by my security. My security told me they came in seven Hilux vehicles and the order given to them is that I should be arrested by any means possible.

“They came with handcuffs to effect my arrest. For more than four hours, I have been under house arrest,” the senator disclosed.

He continued, “There is no reason for this siege because there was no incidence of fighting or disruption of public peace in Kashere so I do not understand the reason for this siege.”

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