Sunday, 10 July 2016

How a self-styled 'Amish stud' plotted to kill his wife with his mistress

Amish-born Eli Weaver (pictured) was convicted of complicity to commit murder and is serving 15 years to life for the murder of his wife 

A new book reveals the chilling details behind the murder of an Amish woman by her sex-crazed husband's mistress after the two plotted her death.
'A Killing in Amish Country: Sex, Betrayal and a Cold-blooded Murder' details Eli Weaver, now 36, who called himself 'Amish Stud' on a virtual gaming site.
His profile read: 'Who wants 2 do an Amish guy!' But in 2009, things turned deadly for the Apple Creek, Ohio, man. 
One of Weaver's lovers, who is ten years older than him, entered his home and shot his wife.

Weaver had an alibi, saying he was out fishing with friends. Neighbors pointed to Amish-raised Barb Raber. 
Weaver was married to Barbara Weaver and during the ten-year marriage he had left her, their five children and the Amish lifestyle twice, only to return and be forgiven. 
Raber was also married with three children and began having the illicit affair with Weaver in his barn.

While this went on, Barbara Weaver began showing signs she was being abused by her husband.  
'Where did my friend, love, trustworthy husband go to? He hates me to the core,' she wrote to a marriage counselor. 
Weaver refused to give his wife the funds to care for their children or to make a good showing at church when it was her turn to bake pies, which embarrassed her in front of the community.  

Their children watched as their father became physical with their mother. 
One person in the community said if Barbara were to report the abuse, she would be blamed for causing her husband's temper.  
Weaver's lover, Barb Raber (pictured), eventually snuck into the couple's home and shot Barbara dead after colluding with Weaver to kill his wife 

And Weaver couldn't leave his wife.The community would embrace Weaver should his wife die, but would shun him should he try and divorce her.
Investigators say Weaver began asking people to kill his wife in 2009.  
Raber and Weaver began exploring options together and suggested blowing up the home, shooting the woman dead or poisoning her.  
Investigators discovered 840 internet searches that were poison related.  
'I thought if we could get that fly [poison] stuff in a spice cupcake she might not detect it,' Raber texted Weaver.
'Maybe you could blow up the house?' Weaver texted Raber.
'What about your kids?'
'The kids will go to heaven because they're innocent,' he replied.
On July 10, 2009, Raber said she took her husband's gun and didn't remember loading it.
She said she planned to scare Barbara. 
Raber snuck into the Weavers' bedroom and aimed the gun at Barbara.
'I never intended for anything to happen, but when it did it was, like, "Oh cr**",' Raber later said.
She shot Barbara dead, but later said she had no memory of the incident. 
Raber's lawyer said Weaver shot his wife early that morning before he went fishing.  

The murder weapon was never found and Raber's prints were not in the bedroom, yet she was found guilty of aggravated murder and is serving 23 years to life.
Weaver took a plea deal and was convicted of complicity to commit murder and is serving 15 years to life. 
The Weaver children are being raised by relatives. 

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