Friday, 3 April 2015

25 Year Old Lady Arrested For Faking Cancer


Meaghan Hudson, 25, left those closest to her devastated when she sent text messages in December 2013, saying she was suffering from multiple myeloma and she was unlikely to survive, Mailonline reports.
She is facing jail on fraud charges after she allegedly faked having terminal cancer to her family and friends.

Miss Hudson's friends, who have known her since high school, shaved their heads in solidarity for her chemo and got matching tattoos of an inspirational song lyric.
The 25-year-old, also had a fundraising website set up for her by her stepmother, Margaret Hudson.
Well-wishers sent $5,000 towards her 'medical expenses' and high school friend Chelsey Whild also told NBC that a further $2,000 was raised for Meaghan at a bowling alley event.

 Meaghan's sister, Haley Hudson, said that Meaghan's closest family had also been deceived and they took her stories of doctor's appointments as the truth, unable to verify the information because they live in a different state.

However Haley said that some details jarred with Meaghan's version of events.

'Little stuff, like the fact that her hair grew back pretty thick and usually with cancer patients it doesn't.'  
Meaghan's story fell apart after an anonymous tip was made to the Chula Vista Police Department saying that she didn't really have cancer. Police said the 25-year-old admitted to faking the disease.
Meaghan's stepmother, who lives in Texas, posted an emotional apology on Give Forward.
She wrote:
 "I am saddened, embarrassed, and ashamed to have to give you this news, especially via email. You are receiving this message because you contributed to the cancer fundraiser back in December 2013 for Meaghan Hudson. We have recently learned that Meaghan does not have cancer. While initially that sounds like good news (and it is in many ways), she has deceived her family and friends into believing she has been suffering from multiple myeloma for over a year now. She called her father on Wednesday night to confess to us personally and claims to be ready to make positive changes in her life."
She is not sick, even despite her ongoing claims that she does have some type of illness that has simply not been diagnosed.
She apologised, saying,
"I know that you have given your hard earned money out of sincere concern and support for Meaghan and our family. I can't express to you how much I appreciate that and how very sorry I am that your generosity has been taken advantage of in this situation."

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