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Mel B'S Nanny Sues Her For Defamation

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Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have been locked in a bitter legal battle since last month, when the Spice Girl filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage.
And the couple's former nanny Lorraine Gilles is reportedly now suing Mel for defamation, claiming she lied about her in her divorce papers, TMZ is reporting.

The singer and TV judge had alleged that her husband had an affair with Lorraine, during which the German beauty fell pregnant and had an abortion, allegations she is strenuously denying.

Mel had also accused Belfonte and Gilles of taking money from her, as well as claiming Lorraine had control over her sex tapes.

Lorraine has reportedly submitted evidence which she hopes will disprove Mel's claims, the website reports.

A person can't usually be sued for statement in court papers, but under California family law there is an exception when someone makes a claim against third parties - like Lorraine - who aren't involved in the litigation.

MailOnline has contacted Mel's representatives for comment.

Mel recently claimed that Gilles was keeping between 12 to 15 boxes that includes sex tapes, photos of Gilles and Belafonte and Spice Girls memorabilia at the Public Storage facility.

The pop star obtained a court order to see the contents inside of a storage locker of Lorraine Gilles,TMZ reported.

According to reports, the singer pulled up to the lock up and entered a code, which failed to open the door.

When Mel B first showed up with her lawyers, officials at the storage facility reportedly wouldn't let her in. Mel B then went to police for help entering the storage locker, but she left a second time empty handed after obtaining access.

Mel obtained a restraining order against the nanny, who her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte reportedly 'got pregnant during an affair'.

Police didn't find anything after they raided the Public Storage facility on Tuesday in Hollywood, TMZ reported.

A judge ordered Gilles to stay 100 yards away from Mel B and not to harass her or remove any property from the Public Storage locker, the site claimed.

Court documents revealed that the singer accused Gilles and Belafonte of extortion.

The documents also state that in January 2015, Mel B fired the nanny, but her husband lost it calling Gilles his 'ride or die b****.'

Mel B said that Belafonte threatened to release their sex tapes unless she rehired the nanny with a raise.

He looked at Lorraine and said, 'Isn't that right, Lorraine,' and Lorraine responded, 'Yes,' according to court documents.

Mel B said that Gilles admitted to having the videos and said she'd give them to 41-year-old film producer.

The pop star previously claimed a family holiday to Ibiza was 'mortifying' after her estranged husband insisted on bringing stunning blonde nanny Lorraine them.

Mel says Belafonte spent the holiday in July 2016 'name calling, screaming, yelling, demeaning conduct' in front of Lorraine, 26.

She said she would get off the boat for an hour a day to go to the gym and get away from Belafonte and Lorraine.

Mel revealed after the ill-fated trip she sacked Lorraine and gave her six weeks' notice.

The star claims two years earlier her husband told her that Lorraine was pregnant with his baby.

Mel alleges that she paid for her to have an abortion - and later discovered her husband had paid her $300,000 for 'nanny services' during her seven-year employment with the couple.

'(He) told me he wanted her to have the baby and all three of us live together. I was shocked and in disbelief.

'(He) later demanded that Lorraine had an abortion. Respondent used money earned by me to pay for Lorraine's abortion, and he used money earned by me to pay for Lorraine's hotel stay while she recuperated from the procedure.'


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