Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Anthony Enahoro’s eldest son, Kenneth Enahoro dies at 63

Mr. Kenneth Enahoro, the eldest  son of late Chief Anthony Enahoro, is dead. He died on Sunday at the age of 63. His immediate younger brother, Mr. Eugene Enahoro confirmed the death, saying that his elder brother lived a fulfilled life, adding that he suspected no foul play in his death.

He said, "When a man passes on, you do not suspect any foul play. You do not begin to talk about whether he was sick or not but as long he is aged, God has called him. He survived long enough to bury his father and he is survived by two children.

"The matter on ground now is his children. He has basically retired having buried his father but he was engaged in politics behind the scene. I am not a politician so I am not much into that. His political friends will do that.

"But it is unfortunate for the family because since the beginning of this year, this has been the third loss we have had in the family.

"It is only God that knows how long we are going to live on this earth but I will say that he was my very good friend and he lived a very good and fruitful life, because the important things in life are those whom you leave behind.

"For those of you who are younger, it shows the important of getting your life together very quickly because in our culture, what we pray for is not for strangers to bury us. So, he has a family and has children. I am younger than him. So, obviously, it rest upon me now to take charge of his affairs," he said.

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