Thursday, 13 July 2017

Popular Pastor Stuns Church Members, Sells 'Anointed Sand' for Miracles

Prophet Brighton Chikomo, the controversial leader of Bright Light Deliverance Ministry, has brewed another shocker after introducing ‘anointed ‘soil to his congregants.
According to iHarare, the congregants scrambled for soil sachets during his service in Norton last Sunday, with the prophet saying the soil had some anointing power in it for transforming one’s fortunes. One man said he was taking the soil because she had been told that it brought anointing in people’s lives.

"I want that soil because the prophet told us it changes lives and it’s not new to me. I came here some months ago and I was given anointed oranges and they boosted my sexual prowess. My marriage, which was on the verge of collapse, has been revived by anointed oranges. I am taking anointed soil without any hesitation because I believe it will change my life. This is now or never for my breakthrough,” said the man.
Another woman also said anointed honey brought fortunes to her life.

“Anointed honey opened my womb and I was barren for years, but by the time I consumed ‘anointed honey’ it changed my life. The moment I took ‘anointed honey’ my womb opened and I am now pregnant. I will take this anointed soil and use it at my home, I take this soil as a blessing to my life,” said one woman.
Prophet Chikomo told the congregants that soil was key to their lives.

“To some people the soil is used for evil covenants and witches also use the soil to target human progress. Today, I declare this soil will change lives and it can be used to build houses, farming, self-development, churches and also end spiritual battle. Jesus said it clear in Luke 10:10 but into whatsoever city you enter and, but if a town refuses to welcome you, go out into the streets and shake off the dust.”

“When we were growing up, we were told a new baby is supposed to eat home soil. I’m sending spiritual messages as I visit places like Karoi, Chinhoi and Nyanga among other places as we want many people to receive breakthroughs after my visit. I see bumper harvest this year and people will get gold in volumes. I prophesy new dimensions, new level and elevation form above”

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