Monday, 21 August 2017

Mum spends £10k to look like real life sex doll

 A mum-of-two has spent £10,000 on a year-long makeover to turn herself into a real life sex doll.

It has taken a boob job , hair extensions and having her lips pumped three times a month to fulfill Cindy Moore's dream of looking like a walking, talking inflatable doll.

But although she gets lots of attention from men, Cindy says she sometimes feels "people don't realise I'm actually a person and not really a sex doll".

 And she says she still isn't finished yet or satisfied with her extreme look.

Cindy, from Salford in Greater Manchester told The Mirror

"I want another boob job and probably a tummy tuck. I'm lucky because of my skin I don't really need Botox.
"I used to be around a size A, but now my boobs are double F's.

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