Tuesday, 15 August 2017

When it comes to sex, Nigerian men are not teachable-Amara Maduka

Beautiful, petite but sensually crafted actress , Amara Maduka may not be the biggest in the industry at the moment,  but when she comes along, she’s sure to be noticed. Appealing face, powerful bosom, Amara sure knows how to flaunt her assets.
“The last thing that should be on a broke man’s mind is a woman. They have the right to love, but they should fix the time in making themselves eligible for love” she once told TheNewsGuru when asked If she can date a broke man

Amara Maduka  who is popular for her role in movies like Okrika,  Nurses Paradise told TheNewsGuru in a recent chat that Nigerian men are not teachable when it comes to sex. “An average Nigerian man is not romantic. All he wants to do is to  fondle the boobs and slide in there. People like that are not teachable” she said.

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