Thursday, 28 September 2017

Woman asks sexy twins to seduce her boyfriend and her reason would shock you

A woman's attempt to catch her boyfriend in a compromising position didn't go exactly as planned.

The girlfriend,enlisted the team behind the YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater to help her out. With cameras rolling, they sent in a pair of seductive women to see if he'd cheat.

The woman's boyfriend works for AT&T, so the YouTubers brought him in to set up internet in a house.
The girls tried all the tricks in the book,even saying 

What if you could have both?'

He replied

'I don't think I should be getting that involved,

 They persist, saying they've never been with a black guy and asking if he has been with an Asian girl, or even twins.

Despite all their antics, he didn't succumb .He finally got up and left.

Seeing that he stayed faithful, the girlfriend watching from a computer was sad.She then dropped the shocking revelation saying
'He's a good boy,' she says.

She then confesses just why she set this whole scheme up in the first place: She herself is cheating, and has been hooking up with a co-worker.
She doesn't plan to stop, and was hoping that her boyfriend would cheat so she'd feel better about her own unfaithfulness — and breaking up with him.

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