Wednesday 27 September 2017

Zimbabwean Soldier Steals Prostitute's Money & Phone After Sex; Gets Disgraced

According to H-Metro, a member of the Zimbabwe National Army knelt down begging for mercy from a hooker after stealing her money and cellphone in St Mary’s, Chitungwiza. Ernest Taderera, 28, of Glen View was reported to have hooked up with the lady of the night only identified as Marble for a ‘quickie’ at her lodgings.
Taderera is alleged to have snatched Marble’s phone and stole the money he had paid to quench his sexual appetite and took to his heels forcing the latter to run after him Unclad around midnight. Marble could not be out done in the marathon and Taderera found refuge at a house in Zengeza where he received instant justice from residents after they learnt his evil act from Marble.

 “Andibira mari yangu nephone mumba mangu musechei,” Marble was heard saying. In an interview with H-Metro, Marble said Taderera just left her house unnoticed with her belongings and the cat and mice game started. “I heard the noise of my door from the bathroom where I had gone to ease myself. “I don’t even know how he managed to open the door since I had locked it, zvekuti hapana anobuda kana kupinda.

“I went to my bedroom where I had left him and that is when I noticed that my phone which I had left on the charger was missing as well as the money that he had given me which was on my table was also missing. 

“I chased after him from St Mary’s only to be helped here in Zengeza one. “I am going to the police station, to file my complaint ndiwo masoja enhema aya anoita basa rekuba uchisvibisa zita remasoja,” she said. 

Taderera confirmed stealing the money saying he lost the cellphone to one of the residents who meted instant justice during the melee. I met Marble at Huriyadzo shopping center and we agreed to go to her place that is when I stole her phone and money, asi kutaura chokwadi handizive changa chandibata hama dzangu ndiregerereiwo.

 “I had no bus fare to go home since I stay in Glenview so I decided to take some from the money that I had given her. One of the residents told H-Metro that Taderera jumped over the precast wall and hid in a toilet where he was later found. “I saw someone jumping over my wall, when I went to check I noticed that there was someone in my toilet. “That is when I called out not realising that this man was being chased by other people.”

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