Thursday, 16 November 2017

Philanthropist Secures Release Of Prisoners Including Man Jailed For Stealing Yam

A very kind hearted Nigerian, Ehis J Joel, came to the aid of some prisoners who have been incarcerated in the new prison yard in Auchi, Edo state, over minor offences. According to Joel, one prisoner was jailed for stealing yam as another was imprisoned for 3 years for stealing 4,500naira. He said he shared this in order to create awareness for those willing to help people them these suffering in prisons.

Read what he shared on Facebook after securing their release.

This inmate you see beside me were given a jail sentence of 2ys, some 5yrs and more or pay a FINE of 20,000naira , some 10,000naira some 40,000naira above .

The painful things is if you hear their crime .

One was jail for stealing yam . Another was jail 3 years for stealing 4,500naira .

In this prison their is no water , sometimes they take their bath once a week , many a sick their are no drugs.

Note pls : The few ones I was able to pay their FINE for them to be release I did and the only reason am posting it on fbk is for awareness for those that are willing to reach out to people suffering in the prison and nothing else .

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