Tuesday 26 December 2017

Tithing is a scriptural injunction, mandatory, but not compulsory – Emmah Isong

The Assistant National Deputy President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, South South, Bishop Emmah Isong, has stated that tithing is a biblical injunction that was mandatory but not compulsory.

Isong said that tithing, was a scriptural injunction found in the Old Testament in Genesis 14 and the New Testament in Mathew 23.

According to him: ”Jesus said pay your tithe, but observe other weightier maters of the law. So anybody waking up to argue about tithing are of three classes. The first set is those who have not been paying tithe because tithing is not compulsory but mandatory. It’s not compulsory because I, as the pastor of CCCI cannot take a member to court for not paying tithe.

“The second set of people are the people of the satanic order (the illuminati). People who are looking for a way to bring down the body of Christ. Then the third set of people are the anti-church elements that have been in the internet. They live inside the internet. If a pastor steals yam, it goes viral,” .

Speaking further, he explained that the issue of tithing started with accusation that pastors were to rich and were buying private jets and from there it developed to what it is today.

His words: “Let me tell you how this thing started. This thing started with the pastors being accused of being too rich and owning private jets. Then they said these pastors do not retire,to the issue of removing Christian Religious Studies (CRS) and now tithing.

“So when you take a cursory look into this,you will discover that there has been a premeditated movement of anti Christ groups and it is a sign of the last days, tithing is one of the seven pillars of Christanity ,its unshakable, it will not hold water because most of us come from Sunday school and have been established,” he said.

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