Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gambia To Change Official Language To Arabic!!!


Via Freedomnewspaper:

When I told Gambians some years ago that Jallow Kanilai is a radicalized Islamic extremist, some thought that I was being critical of the Kanilai monster. There is more into his anti western bashing. Guess what? JK wants to change Gambia's official language into Arabic. Lol!!! Though it is hard to believe, but it is a subject of discussion in army barracks and public places. This could be a tactical move on the side of JK to appease his Arab new allies. He is desperately in need of cash and he will do whatever it takes to appease the Arabs. 

Some constitutional experts might invoke the constitution to dismiss such propositions, but lest we not forget that the constitution belongs to JK. In today's Gambia, constitutionality doesn't matter. JK'S decrees supersede the constitution. I want you to get the message. 

Once JK succeeds in changing the official language from English to Arabic, then The Gambia would be fully transformed as Islamic nation. Hold on!!! I know that The Gambia is a secular nation-in which Muslims and Christians have been coexisting peacefully for the longest time, but you got to understand that constitutional supremacy is alien to JK. Let us stop invoking the constitution at this time. JK is superior to Gambia's constitution. 

"JK is mad. I was told by an officer in the army that JK is planning to change our official language to Arabic. I am yet to confirm this, but it is a subject of discussion," said a source. 

For those of you who do not know, JK has since embarked on a Foreign Policy Shift. He has shunned the "mighty west." The Arabs are his new friends. He has entrusted virtually every sector in The Gambia to the Arabs. 

As we speak, there is a growing presence of Syrians, Lebanese and Jordanians in The Gambia. Jammeh needs to be watched. JK is up to no good.

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