Sunday, 23 March 2014

Woman swallows phone to save her relationship


Okay, so a 19-year-old woman from Brazil named Adriana Andrade was so desperate to keep her boyfriend Renato from reading the text messages on her cellphone that when he demanded to see them she took off running and when she was far enough away, she did the unthinkable...

Okay, the girl actually SWALLOWED her cellphone. What?!!! Supposedly, she had to undergo an operation to get the cellphone removed.
Let's give the story the benefit of the doubt and say that it is actually true, here's what I think. First of all, Renato, DUDE!!! You don't need to see the cellphone at this point, to break up with your girl, do you? Obviously, she has something to hide from you.
I am thinking that a woman who is capable of swallowing an entire cellphone is probably a very desirable girlfriend with great amorous skills, wouldn't you say? Poor, Renato. I'm sure he will miss her and her abilities if he chooses to leave her.
I'm also hoping that Adriana's cellphone was insured or that she is at least elligible for an upgrade because replacing a cellphone is not cheap. I'm thinking the operation for getting an incriminating cellphone removed is probably not cheap either.
Silly people! All this could have been prevented with a simple delete of text messages or perhaps without making the text messages to begin with. Too late now.

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