Friday, 2 May 2014

Yoruba Delegates Turns Rebels In The National Conference

Yoruba Delegates Turns Rebels In The National Conference
The National Conference in Abuja that has been formed when the South East, South West and the South South decided to put their political differences together and come together has been faced with a lot of controversies.

It is either these delegates are demanding for money for their drivers or they are playing games during sessions, this conference may have suffered another challenge with the demand from the Yoruba delegates who wants demand for a regional system of governance to be dropped and only wants confederation.

It was initially agreed by the delegates but a group that are comprised of young people called New Trend Movement that was spearheaded by Asiwaju Seyi Adegbuyi and Chief Niyi Akin¬tola (SAN) are the ones fighting against this.

These men strongly opposed the idea because they are being frustrated by those from the other zones and they believed that the others were going behind their backs to support the North to forget about fairness and equity when it comes to the rule of law.

They believed that the fiscal federalism and the devolution of powers issue has become a major challenge in the country and they have not been treated well by the South East and South South delegates.

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