Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cheating Married Woman Takes Under-age Boy’s Virginity

Cheating Married Woman Takes Under-age Boy's Virginity In Matrimony Bed

A head teacher had decided to take undue advantage of one her pupils who was 13, when she started grooming him to have carnal knowledge of her.

She was 28 when this ordeal began. She would invite him to her home and she would suggest they play a game of dares and that this resulted in her allowing him to expose and touch her.

She went as far as allowing him see her take her bath and even slept with him while he was wearing his school uniform.

This continued for a very long time and it was always when her husband was away from their home.

This boy has reported to the police years after and she has denied all the allegations.

The victim said: “She was and probably still is a disgusting sexual monster and has had an influence on the way my life has turned out.”

The trial is still on and we are wondering how this case would end at the end of day.

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