Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Photos: Woman reacts badly to hair dye

Jo Thomson, 39, saw her face swell to twice the usual size after a terrible allergic reaction to hair dye 

A woman who used a home hair dye kit has been left colour blind and allergic to the sun after suffering a horrific allergic reaction.

Jo Thomson, 39, from Margate, Kent, dyed her hair using a Schwarzkopf XXL Live home dye kit in shade 'Cosmic Blue'.

But despite carrying out the recommended patch test, she suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction that left her covered in boils and fighting for her sight. 

The mother-of-three had dyed her hair using a Schwarzkopf XXL Live home dye kit in shade 'Cosmic Blue'

The mother-of-three has now been diagnosed with agoraphobia, which makes her too anxious to leave the house alone. 

Within days, the skin on her face began to peel off and her eyes glazed over with a thick jelly substance

She said: 'My children were terrified and ran away from me screaming that I was ugly, like a monster' 

But within minutes of applying the dye, her scalp was burning, and by the end of the night she was in agony

Mrs Thomson was told she was at risk of permanently losing her sight. She said: 'The optician told me that my eyes were peeling like pickled onions. I just wanted to die'

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