Tuesday, 21 April 2015

'How Rufus Akeju Coordinated The Rigging Of Oyo State Elections' - Oloyede Maculay

Though the national elections have come and gone, the joys of victory and the agonies of defeat have been heard, there is no better time than now to X-ray how Professor Attahiru Jega and some of his men performed.

If the INEC boss deserves kudos for a job well done, the same cannot be said of Ambassador Rufus Akeju, the Resident Electoral Commissioner of Oyo state. The last national and state elections in the state was a sham to say the least.

To think that one would get anything different from Rufus Akeju than what we got would have been asking too much from a man who has practically sold out whatever integrity he had on the altar of avarice.

Before the elections, major political parties in the state, except the APC, made representations to the INEC chairman on why Akeju should be redeployed from the state. They cited facts and evidence that he was,at a time, a former Personal Assistant to the APC National leader Senator Bola Tinubu and a card-carrying member of the All Progressive Congress. 

However, professor Jega refused to budge not minding that similar allegations were made against him in Osun state which a court of law later substantiated. Jega held his ground indicating that the INEC boss might have had other motives in Oyo state rather than free and fair elections.

Today, we have the 2015 elections in Oyo state as the worst ever conducted in the annals of the pacesetter state. An election that was skewed,from the beginning, in favor of a party.

How Akeju and his co-conspirators manage to sleep at night without an iota of guilt should be worthy of study. A deliberate act was embarked upon by the INEC to subvert the will of the people of Oyo state through a fraudulent election. 

Aside the shoddy distribution of electoral materials and voting being allowed to run into the night in most places, particularly in the national elections,systematic fraud was executed in the governorship and Houses of Assembly elections that will bring tears to the eyes. ‎

These are acts would have been practically impossible to achieve without the intervention of top INEC officials in Oyo state.

It is sad that the law gives some sort of immunity to INEC officials who are quick to make public, election results that are crooked and ask the aggrieved to go to court. 

Should any of the parties involved in the Akeju-supervised charade-labeled-elections go to the election tribunal to challenge the processes and the results of the election, it would be a miracle for some INEC staff not to spend time in jail, with Rufus Akeju leading the Pack.

It is said that some people strengthen society through a purposeful life, the reverse is the case with the Oyo REC. Come to think of it, what can one possibly expect from a man of Akeju's age who goes about with a gold chain around his neck like a  love-vendor and a peddler of cheap narcotics ? A man so close to vanity will stop at nothing to sustain his vain life style.

Ambassador Rufus Akeju has truly left a mark everywhere the soles of his feet touch. One thing that distinguishes him from others is his desire to rig elections and subvert the will of the electorate for his paymaster whose boots he licks with so much vigor that one wonders why his Tongue is not black yet.

The truth is that some of the aggrieved will go to the tribunal and the treachery of Rufus Akeju the Oyo state Resident Electoral Commissioner against the people of Oyo state will be exposed.

My utmost wish is for the hijacker of the peoples' will to be joined in the suit with INEC, in his personal capacity, for knowingly manipulating the outcome of the results of the last elections, in favor of his party as evidences abound of his willful betrayal of the mandate entrusted to him to be an impartial umpire.

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