Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Photo Of 23 Year Old Female Student Arrested For Stabbing Colleague To Death

FOR Yusuf Monsurat, being in police custody over an alleged murder seems like a dream to her. She has had to shake herself several times to be sure she is no longer in the dream world. But the stark reality is that she has been arrested in connection with the death of one Eric Moses who she was accused of killing by stabbing him with a knife on March 17, 2015.

The story is as queer as it is weird. For a dream to translate to reality is a gift that is not common to many humans. Even for those so gifted, they are always apprehensive when such dreams are negative. Though Yusuf Monsurat (23), a student of D.S. Adegbenro Polytechnic, Itori, Ogun State, never thought of having such a gift, she was apprehensive at day break on March 17, 2015, after she had a dream related to Eric.

As she slept in the early hours of the fateful day, Monsurat reportedly said she dreamt that she slapped Moses. Though Moses was no stranger to her, it was a queer dream that frightened her. As she woke up in the morning, Crime Reports learnt that Monsurat approached one of her friends and narrated her dream to the lady, wondering what it could mean.

Coincidentally, Moses reportedly overheard the narration and accosted Monsurat, telling her that she should slap him since he was standing beside her. Crime Reports gathered that an argument ensued and late Moses reportedly started beating her.

When she could no longer bear the beating, Monsurat was said to have gone for a knife, thinking that the deceased would leave her alone. But this did not deter Moses, as Crime Reports learnt that he started struggling with the girl over the knife, during which the knife pierced his chest.

It was learnt that Moses still walked towards a tree in front his hostel where he eventually fell and died.

Unconfirmed reports had it that late Moses and Monsurat fell out with each other when she started suspecting that he was a member of a group. Before this, the two were said to be friends as they were the first set of students that moved into the hostel in which they live.

A police source who craved anonymity said that investigation revealed that their relationship was such that Moses’ parents used to call Monsurat’s line whenever they wanted to speak with their son and could not reach him through his own line.

But Monsurat began to drift away from him when he noticed some things which aroused her suspicion. “When Moses noticed that the lady withdrew from him, he asked her the reason and she told him about her feelings. The young man confirmed her suspicion but warned her not let his parents know. The lady however continued to maintain her distance,” the source stated.

The lady was very reluctant to speak with Crime Reports when asked to explain what transpired between her and the deceased. All she said was: “I am from Kwara State. I am in my second year studying Business Administration. I can’t really remember what happened. Only God knows. He was my hostel mate.

“Sincerely, speaking, I can’t really remember anything. God knows. I have not been feeling fine. It is just like a dream. We had a normal argument that could come up between students that day. I sat in front of my room when he came.

“All I remember was that he wanted to stab me with a knife. We started struggling with the knife and in the process of defending myself, the knife pierced his chest. He later fell. I don’t know what came over him that made him take a knife to stab me.”

Confirming the incident, the police spokesman in Ogun State Command, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, described it as an unfortunate incident. But he said the law would take its course as the suspects would be charged to court after investigations and would be made to face the music.

He appealed to the general public to deal with issues with maturity and avoid situations that might bring them against the law.

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