Thursday, 7 July 2016

Episode 1: Wives On The Run; Story by Joy Akosa-Eghebi

Men and women are different, and importantly so.  The sexes are not interchangeable.  The "genius" of masculinity and feminity shape the roles of husband and wife.  Wives want their husbands to be men; men want their wives to be women.
I am not going to go so deep educating you on what you already know, let me introduce myself. My name is Funke Badmus, I am a marriage counsellor and I love to talk about trends that makes a lot of men and women make mistakes they later find difficult to amend. can say I am not perfect but I am perfect compared to some  people.
....she goes down the staircase, grabs a glass of wine from the bar and sits in a sofa....
As I was saying, I have this couple, who just survived from something really terrible, something scary, you don't want to even hear. I almost vomited my intestines when I heard their story. I am going to share it with you today.

A lot of times I wonder why most men make a mistake of marrying the kind of women I call 'wolves'. Too much talk I guess, take a chill pill.
These women I call wolves can kill to get power. There is this lady, Foluke; she has a good job, good husband, beautiful kids but not satisfied, she wanted more, she needed fame, power, authority, she wanted to quit doing the chores at home. So she went for the 'game'.
....Foluke meets Kiki(the ruler of the Moon)....
"Queen, I need this desperately, my husband comes home making me regret why I am a woman, I wash his clothes, do the chores, take the kids to school, still contribute in the upkeep of the house, all he does is go to work, eat, sleep and have sex, day in day out. The day I say I am tired he hits me hard. I need to get his manhood out"  Foluke said kneeling before Kiki.
" I have always known you to be a strong, faithful friend of mine, I know you to be very generous too, if your husband is the problem then we will need to take away that which gives him the authority over you. But there is a condition tied to this" Kiki replied her.
"When you have sex with him, use your cloth to clean his wasted sperm and bring to me, you will rule over him, you will bring this sperm every 6months to renew the power. You must also get other women to join you, so you can form a cult, this cannot last long without a group of women doing the same thing" she continued.
Foluke got home, feeling all energetic, getting prepared for the big deal. She has been given 48 hours to bring the required material. Then she got a call.
" Mrs Foluke Badmus speaking" .
"This is fountains hospital at Ketu. We found your husband along the road after a minor accident involving a bus and his car, please we need you at the hospital"
"You say what?" Foluke dropped the phone in shock. After several hours, she reached the hospital with the hope of seeing her husband, she saw someone else. It was actually her brother. "Doctor this is my brother not my husband, you got me scared" she said.
"We didn't know, he stored your number as Darling, so we assumed he was your husband, please we are sorry for the mix up, he lost a lot of blood, but we will take care of it" the doctor told her.
She left there in great relief, she thought it was the end of the world, what will she have done if it was her husband truly. She has dipped her hand in hot porridge. That night, her husband returned home as usual, ate and made love to her. She did as she was told and the next day, the mission began.
Foluke knew she just arrived, she formed a cult which she was the only member, at least for the moment. Foluke turned her husband into a boy. Each time she needed someone new she brought in a guy into the house, sleeps with him and tells her husband to clean her up.
Until one day, his mother came around...
To be continued...
Next Friday. 

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