Thursday, 7 July 2016

Floyd Mayweather to Open His Own Strip Club

Get those bills: Mayweather has been known to spend tens of thousands of dollars to 'make it rain' on strippers during visits to the clubs with friends (Mayweather at an unknown club above)

Floyd Mayweather has been known to drop tens of thousands of dollars during visits to strip clubs, and now the boxing great is set to open up an establishment of his very own.
The big announcement came over the weekend, with Mayweather writing on Instagram: 'I am just months away from opening up my very own strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada called @GirlCollection.'
Mayweather retired from boxing last September after an undefeated professional career in which he won 26 of his 49 matches with a knockout.

He is considered to be on of if not the greatest of all time, and in 2015 he topped the Forbes Celebrity 100 after earning an astonishing $300million in just one year.
Most of that money came thanks to his victory in May of that year over his closest rival, Manny Pacquiao, which reportedly generated $600million in revenue thanks to the over 4million people who watched the fight on pay-per-view channels.

Coming soon: The 39-year-old boxer, who retired from the sport in September after an undefeated professional career, said the club would open in a few months (post above)

News of Mayweather's new venture comes just one week after learned that the Mayweather, 39, had sent a $20,000 tax bill to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in an attempt to write off the money he spent during a May 2014 visit to the Sin City hotspot.
The club was shocked to receive the 1099 IRS document from Mayweather Promotions LLC and said they comped admission, food and bottle service for Mayweather, who traded in $15,000 for three bricks of dollars bills when he arrived that night to make it rain on the ladies.
Mayweather's tax attorney Jeffrey Morse later said that the 1099 may have been issued in error. 

His visits to strip clubs have become the stuff of legend, with the boxer and his friends known to arrive with large bags full of cash to hand out to the women working that night.  
Mayweather is also a fan of lavish shopping trips, photos of which he posts to Instagram after hitting up designer stores like Balmain and Christian Louboutin or splurging on lavish jewelry for himself.
He suggested in a May 2015 post that his net worth if $650million. 

Mayweather has however had numerous incidents with women in the past accusing him of physical abuse and violence, some of which ended in convictions for the athlete. 
In 2002, Mayweather was charged with two counts of domestic violence and one count of misdemeanor battery.
In 2004 he was convicted of two counts of misdemeanor battery against two women after he punched them in the back and the back of the head as they were walking away from him at a Las Vegas nightclub
He was given a one-year suspended jail sentence.
Mayweather pleaded no contest a year later to misdemeanor battery after being charged with hitting and kicking a bouncer.
In December 2011 he was sentenced to 90 days in county jail for battery of his girlfriend Josie Harris, who had filed and dropped multiple charges alleging domestic abuse prior to the 2010 incident for which he was convicted.
This was after he took a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and had the felony battery charged dropped.
Harris then sued Mayweather earlier this year for defamation and asked for $20million after he told Katie Couric in an interview that she had a drug problem while speaking about the incident. 
She is the mother of three of Mayweather's four children. 

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