Thursday, 7 July 2016

Kenyan-based Nigerian pastor says he delivers women by sucking their breasts


A Kenyan-based Nigerian pastor, who goes by the name, Pastor Chijioke, has admitted that he ‘delivers’ women by sucking their breasts.

A radio station based in Nakuru, Kenya, 99.0 FM Hero Radio, revealed this via an audio recording where the supposed pastor claimed he sucks women’s breasts while giving them ‘deliverance’ in his church.

The On Air Presenter, OAP, Joyce Vobis, called the pastor’s mobile phone using a fake name, Nancy, to ask for spiritual guidance and counselling when he revealed quite a lot on air and didn’t realise he was being recorded.

Chijioke said that the name of his church is ‘Breast and Honey Harvest Church’, adding that he relocated from Nigeria to answer the ‘call of the lord’ in Kenya.

According to him, the choice of the name of the church is because ‘the spirit lies in the breast of a lady; the more you suck the breast the more you get the fulfilling of the Lord.’
In the phone conversation, the OAP told the Pastor her problem was that she can’t seem to get married. Every time she starts dating, when things get serious between them and they start talking about marriage, the men run away.

PASTORThe pastor then told her that she had the spirit of rejection and he had to suck it out from her breasts in order to get her delivered.

The pastor told the OAP to come to his church by 4.00pm so he could suck out the spirit of rejection from her breast so she can be delivered from the bad spirit.

Pastor Chijioke also revealed that his church members were all women, no men. The women are told not to wear bras to make sucking their breasts much easier.

The OAP then asked the pastor if he can tell her where in the bible it says that a pastor must suck a woman’s breasts to heal her. The pastor refuses to answer.

He said, “Don’t bring up the bible, you just come, we do this thing and then we finish.”

As the call continues, the presenter tells him her real name and that the phone call was a prank and that he is live on air. The pastor replies with ‘ewo’.

Knowing that he had been played, the defensive pastor denied the name (Chijioke) which he had earlier claimed and says she should call him a man of God instead.

Chijioke went further to insult the AOP, as according to him, she just called ‘because she had heard women saying that he sucks breasts nicely.’

The conversation allegedly ended when the pastor said he would not stand by and let the woman ‘threaten’ him.

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