Friday, 8 July 2016

Kim Kardashian Stirs Controversy with Latest Cleavage Photo

Kim Kardashian Poster

Kim Kardashian sharing a photo of her enormous cleavage is not exactly an unusual event.
Moreover, it's typically a move that elicits praise from folks on the Internet, especially those with a penis. So, why has Kardashian's latest boob-based photo (below) drawn harsh criticism from the world of social media?
Because she shared it within days of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being killed by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively.

The former was shot dead by officers despite being detained on the ground at the time... while the latter had his life taken inside a car with a woman and child.
“Pre photo shoot fittings,” Kim captioned the following photo.
Even for Kim Kardashian, this is an especially extreme cleavage picture.
Kim Kardashian in One Piece Swimsuit
Still, it would have come and gone without much fanfare, except that many online think it was inappropriate of Kim to share it in light of the controversial Sterling and Castile deaths.
"How about speaking on something relevant like #altonsterling?? Your voice could be influential in getting the non Blacks to actually participate in his movement,” one commenter wrote.
Another added:
"@kimkardashian are you aware of the killings of black men that have been happening? Your husband and son are black. Are you concerned?"
And still another individual called out Kardashian for appropriating black culture, saying:
“I wish you cared about us black people as much as you emulate the black community.”
Truth be told, Kardashian has actually spoken out on pressing issues more than usual of late.
She recently chimed in on the Senate shooting down multiple gun control bills, for example.
She also Tweeted surprisingly profound thoughts after the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting in June. Should she have waited another day or two before posting yet another nearly-naked selfie?
Out of respect for Sterling and Castile? Sure. It would have been nice.
But look at it this way: at least Kim didn't cite these killings as the caption to a photo of herself on a yacht.

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