Friday, 3 March 2017

Nollywood Actress Ayo Oladejo Opens Up On Alleged Cocaine & Arrest Saga In London

Bad news they say, spreads faster than Good news. There is also an adage that says, there is no smoke without a fire, while another says, in every rumor there is always an element of truth.

Ayo Oladejo who is known in the Yoruba movie genre and belongs to a caucus called Odunifa, has been trending in the news for the wrong reason.

Weeks ago, a rumor went viral that she was apprehended in the UK for carrying drugs and was eventually locked up in prison.

The actress who is currently in Nigeria, claims after the received a call from her mother informing her of the rumor while she was in UK, she left for Nigeria immediately.

Clearing the air, she disclosed that there was no iota of truth in the rumor making waves about her as nothing of such took place.

She said: “the news caught me unawares, it was my mother who first called to inform me about it. I read it in the news that I was arrested overseas for drugs, the story was everywhere and I kept receiving series of calls, then I had no option than to return to Nigeria. I went straight to my caucus, Odunifa and together with my bosses; we went for a television programme sponsored by Corporate Pictures for an Interview."

While trying to exonerate herself from the scandal she disclosed how she physically assaulted the reporter who blew the news out of proportion without getting his facts right.

She added "I slapped him and tore his cloth; he confessed that some people actually gave him the story which he failed to confirm before he published it. But guess what, after I came to Nigeria, a lot of people interviewed me and this reporter in question spotted me with his 2 eyes. Some of my media friends, Yemi Oladehinde, Femi Davies and co saw me but to my surprise, the story started affecting me in different ways.

On what looks like a cover up story and hard to believe, no one can really tell what transpired as she didn’t even release the name of the reporter for further investigation. Smart isn’t it?

According to the actress, the scandal weighed her down as it affected her psychologically as well as her brand.

“Honestly, I don’t know what really happened because that period, I had problems with my traveling papers and I wasn’t taken to the police station let alone a court for that matter so I don’t understand where they got the story from. I was given 6 months permission but I eventually used a year and if you were caught, the worst case is that you will be sent back to your country not prison, and the newspapers that carried the story saw me when I came back to the country almost immediately, If I was in the prison as it was reported, would I be able to come?

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