Saturday, 13 May 2017

Lawmaker who performed ‘Melaye stunt’ was rejoicing over roads repaired by governor

Maria Ude, a lawmaker in the Ebonyi state house of assembly, has dedicated two videos of her dancing to David Umahi, the state governor, for a construction work on a dilapidated road in the state.
The two videos, which she released on May 7, feature her displaying various dance steps in a mansion believed to be hers.
Her theatarics is a reminder of the act displayed by Dino Melaye, a senator from Kogi state. Melaye had released a song to taunt his opponents during the controversy over his academic certificate.
She is seen dancing to the tune of ‘Talk and Do’ music blaring out of a black SUV parked in the neat compound.
Her joy is that the state government has started constructing the Ogbeni road, Afikpo, in the state, a road which she says is full of nightmares.
The lawmaker tagged the two videos released on her Facebook page as ‘Talk and Do (In honour of St. Mary road, Afikpo, construction)’
Popularly known as Afikpo Chic, she recounted how the road had been a source of nightmare to her and the residents of the area.
She even took a step further, dedicating a part of the song to the governor thus: “Talk and Do! Is David Nweze Umahi(DNU). DNU on the mic, Afikpo Chic music, BCEL Entertainment Limited. Umahi Uhuru, Talk and Do, Talk and Do….”
“That’s right! Seeing is surely believing. I cannot believe that Ogbedi road (St. Mary road), Afikpo, is now being worked on,” she wrote.
“This road gave me excess nightmare enough to last me a lifetime. I was always cracking my head on where to get the mula and get this road done. I was not gonna send any government, I was gonna do it and I would do it.”
Below are the two videos and her Facebook post.

( The Cable)

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