Monday, 15 May 2017

Photos/Video: Angry man assaults taxi driver because he didn't stop his car to let him pass

An angry pedestrian battered a taxi driver in the city of Xiangtan, China, because the latter did not stop to let him pass. In a video recorded by a witness and shared online, the pedestrian started the one-sided fight. 
As the taxi driver tried to go back into his cab, the man continued punching him, ripped off his shirt and also used his shoe to batter the innocent driver. 
The fight continued for a few minutes as passers-by watched without intervening.
The pedestrian has since been arrested, and Police states that he faces both a week in jail and cash fine.
According to a spokesman for the taxi company, the bruised victim is in stable condition and the vehicle was not damaged in any way.

Watch the video below...

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