Tuesday, 11 July 2017

For The 1st Time In Iran's Aviation History, Woman Appointed CEO Of Iran Air

For women living in a country steeped in orthodoxy and strict laws, things are unimaginably claustrophobic. From how they dress to the jobs they get, each and every aspect of their lives is closely monitored.

Despite all of these restrictions,  Farzaneh Sharafbafi, will be first woman to hold the position of a CEO of Iran Air. According to reports, Sharafbafi, who is also the first woman to get a Ph.D in aerospace was selected from among the board members of Iran Air.

Sharafbafi, the current director general of Iran Air’s research department, will be replacing the current CEO Farhad Parvaresh.

According to a local media, 44-year-old has also been training with the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority, has served as an expert in inter-airline disputes.

While pursuing her doctoral studies,  Shrafbafi became a mother, "I attended my first class two days after I gave birth to my second kid. That day when I arrived late, the professor asked where I had been. "I just gave birth to a kid," I answered. They couldn't believe their eyes. Normally a woman stays home ten days after delivery. But it was not the case with me," she said in an interview with the an Iranian daily.

While Iranian women still face a plethora of restrictions, Sharafbafi appointment as CEO of the country's national carrier, is a breath of fresh air.

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