Sunday, 27 August 2017

This is a woman who had 3 children with 3 different men-Mel B's first husband speaks

The first husband of Mel B says people should not feel sorry for her over her bitter divorce battle.

Jimmy Gulzar, whose marriage to the former Spice Girl lasted two years, said Mel, 42, had always been able to look after herself.

He said:

“Does she really think all these man are wrong and she isn’t? We are talking about a woman who had three children with three different men.”
Jimmy, 49, fathered Mel’s daughter Phoenix, now 18, after they met when he was a dancer for the Spice Girls.

He continued to the UK Mirror “The birth of our daughter was like a fairy tale, my biggest high.”
 But the couple started to have problems and Jimmy claims they embarked on counselling in a bid to make things work.
‘We called in a mediator but that didn’t work either,’ claims Jimmy.‘The rose tinted glasses were gone. Then we had to go back to work. Mel started her solo career and I arranged the creative stuff for her. I am not the kind of person who gives up easily and wanted to talk things over.‘We were supposed to go to Thailand to save our marriage, but Mel wanted a lot of people to come with us. She just didn’t want me there. The next day she called me saying; “yeah, you better call a lawyer".'
 Jimmy was awarded £500,000 but claims the divorce nearly broke him.
He said: “I was said to be the bad guy – ‘Gold Card Jimmy’ who couldn’t keep her satisfied. It was horrible, the power of celebrity. What good is cash when you’re emotionally dying?”

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