Saturday, 9 September 2017

Girl plays Police Officer for 2 years to stop ex-boyfriend from dating, bags jail sentence

Police Officer

21-year-old Lauren Adderley, has bagged a 9-months jail sentence for pretending to be a Police Officer for 2 years to control her 22-year-old ex-boyfriend, Mitchell Lloyd, and also stop him from seeing other women.

The jealous lady who forbade her ex-boyfriend from going to certain bars, convincing him that he was under investigation, was reportedly in a romantic relationship with Mitchell for only two months in 2014.

Her sophisticated blackmail plan which baffled many and made life hell for Mitchell include; telling Mitchell that he has been the victim of a crime for which he was to provide a statement to the police, contacting him through Robert Hay, supposedly a police officer and a friend of Adderley’s family. He never knew that Robert Hay was actually an online alias of Adderley.

Police Officer

Mitchell’s trouble began after walking home with a female colleague after a Christmas party in December 2014. He reportedly received a threatening email from the invincible ‘police officer’, asking why he had made his friend upset by seeing other women. Soon, Hay started setting curfews for him, effectively banning him from going out to certain pubs and bars on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, ruining his social life in the process. .

He was also banned from seeing or even speaking to some of his friends, mostly women, and that failing to comply could result in hefty fines of up to £15,000. In order to keep the scam looking legit, Adderley dumped the “Robert Hay” alias, adopting “Darren Clarke”, a different police officer who had taken over the case.

After a while, the case was turned over to another “officer,” Elaine Thomas. Two years into the relentless blackmail, Lloyd finally found the courage to tell his friends what he had been going through, and they advised him to report to the police.

Real officers were immediately able to deduce that the emails he had been receiving were fake and traced them back to Adderley. She was eventually jailed for 9 months.

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