Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Lady who held her wedding in hospital for her sick dad,reveals he has passed on

Last month,Vieneese Stanton went viral after she held her wedding 5 months earlier than planned,to enable her sick dad witness her special moment .Her dad was given just one week to live ,after being down with Lukemia .Now,she revealed he has passed on.She wrote

 It is with a broken heart and teary eyes that I am even able to utter the words “My father has transitioned to glory.” I know he’s in Heaven and I know he’s with my mother but I feel so hurt right now. I’ve gained an Angel but I’ve lost my Superman.

I know he’s in a much better place and I know he’s no longer struggling but I’m feeling a little selfish. 
That phone call hurt, the news hurt and even my last visual of him hurts. Dad I pray you are resting in perfect peace. We have many loved ones in Heaven that celebrated you home. Listen to all your funk music and enjoy all your classic movies..

Dance like you’ve never danced and roller skate around Heaven all day like the true Star Funk you are. I love you soooo much. I will never forget the things you’ve taught me.

 I will tell my daughter all about you. You made me believe in the impossible, have faith in God no matter what my eyes saw, keep my word no matter what, and you gave me strength and confidence that I never knew I had.

 Caring for you these past 10 months has completely changed me and having your back like you had mine these past 8 years taught me loyalty that barely exist these days. Thank you for loving my mom and our family no matter how flawed we were. Thank you for every scenario, every envelope, every extended prayer, every hug, every meal, every laugh and every smile. Give mom the biggest kiss for me.

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