Wednesday 4 April 2018

Nigerian man fights wife over unused vibrator after he traveled abroad

Nigerian man fights wife over unused vibrator after he traveled abroad lailasnews

A Nigerian man identified as Okwy (surname withheld), has been enmeshed in a marital crisis with his wife over a vibrator, shortly after his return from abroad after 5 years.

It was gathered that Okwy who bought his wife a vibrator before traveling abroad for greener pastures, was angry after he met the vibrator still intact in its pack just the way he bought it upon his return. Okwy who accused his wife of committing adultery while he was away, reportedly stopped eating her food, sleeping with her and insisted that he will not have anything to do with her until she confessed what she had purportedly done and certain rituals performed.

However defending herself, his wife explained to him that she did not use the sex toy to satisfy her sexual urge, because she was afraid to use it and so she decided to abstain until he came back. Following her husband’s stand in the incident which occurred in Idimu area of Lagos, the lady reportedly told her close friends about her travails since her husband’s return and further implored them to intervene and resolve the matter.

However her friends’ effort to save her marriage wasn’t fruitful, as the man disclosed that it was a general belief in their community that when a man marries a wife and she goes on to sleep with another man, it is a sure way for the lady to kill her husband.

With the lady in question insisting on not sleeping with any man during her husband’s search for greener search abroad, PM Express reported that that it seems the matter will not be resolved so soon as the man also insisted on confession and sacrifice; while his wife maintained that there was no need for that, because she did not sleep with any man while he was away.

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