Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lady finds out her ex won £108m ($180m, ₦3bn) lottery jackpot while she was on honeymoon with her new man

Kirstine Hamilton's romantic honeymoon in Mexico was rudely interrupted by the news that her former partner, Neil Trotter, had scooped £108million (₦3bn, $180m) on the lottery.
But with great grace, the very new Mrs Hamilton showed no bitterness on learning that her ex had suddenly become one of the richest men in Britain.

Instead, she sent him a joking text message: ‘That’s just typical of you, Trotter.’ 
The pair, who have a ten-year-old daughter together, are said to remain on good terms despite their split several years ago.

Mr Trotter yesterday said that he planned to use his fortune to buy country mansions, sports  cars and designer handbags for his new girlfriend.
But he appeared amused when asked if he would be buying his ex-girlfriend a house – and explained that she and her husband were rich enough already.

He said: ‘She’s just married. He’s in Formula 1. I think he’s in charge of all the radios and things like that for Bernie Ecclestone. They are well off and live just up the road from me.
‘Her mum texted her. She was pleased – she said, “That’s just typical of you, Trotter.”’
Mrs Hamilton, who will turn 41 at the weekend, attended Purley High School for Girls in South London, close to where her ex-boyfriend went to school.

The couple are believed to have broken up not long after their daughter Annabelle was born, and Mr Trotter has been with his new partner Nicky Ottaway, 33, for eight years.

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