Saturday, 22 March 2014

Prophet TB Joshua: How to Identify a Fake Pastor

Famous Nigerian pastor and prophet, TB Joshua, while responding to questions from his nearly 1 million Facebook fans, gave interesting insights into topical issues ranging from the characteristic disunity in the church and the tendency of Christians to tarnish the revered image of Christianity.

A particular participant observed that pastors do not appear to be agreed on issues, asking the prophet what he felt was responsible for this.

TB Joshua’s response was: “We pastors are one. However, a man may confess ‘I am a pastor, but not such in heart. Such men are intruders. We may bear the surname but we are not doing the same work.”

In explaining how to identify a true Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua said the identifying trait of a true pastor is contentment. “True pastors are content,” he noted. “When you are content, you will not compare yourself with others or measure yourself by yourself. Doing so causes disunity.”

On his doctrine on sin, Pastor TB Joshua observed, “that you are a pastor doesn’t mean you are not going to miss the mark or make a mistake.” In fact, he conceded, the mistakes of a Christian are often magnified by their zeal to serve God. “The mistakes of others keep them away from God but those of Christians strengthen their desire for God because they have a relationship with Jesus Christ already.”

When queried about the fact that some of his more fanatical followers often say “we are following TB Joshua,” the pastor said, quoting John 14:6, “TB Joshua can only point the way, but he is not the way.”

Someone also asked if the pastor had ever fallen sick, as they have never seen him publicly receive prayers or suspiciously miss a service. “That you are a pastor does not mean you are not going to be sick but our sickness is not like others. When sickness comes, we see the need of God the more,” the prophet replied.

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